Since the discovery of the uses of CBD, there have been many ways that have been crafted to use this miracle herb. The non-psychotropic part of the cannabis plant hasn’t found many uses, unlike its THC co-component. But CBD’s healing properties are reaching far and wide every day. Out of those methods happens to be CBD flower. Without further ado, let us understand how we can incorporate CBD flowers into our daily routine.

CBD Coconut Oil

People have always believed that coconut oil is the best method of siphoning out maximum benefits out of CBD. Coconut is 80% saturated fat and  cannabidiol is fat soluble. Hence, coconut oil acts as a great binding agent for cannabinoids to support efficient absorption in the bloodstream.

CBD Honey


Nothing soothes the mind and body like how some drops of honey do. Very few things go well with honey, and of which, cannabis happens to be one. Making CBD-infused honey is as easy as making CBD oil. It also serves as a lubricant to vessel surfaces.


The cannabis flower acts as a natural addition to tea. Combining CBD flower with tea is one of the most effective methods of extracting CBD from the flower. This also renders a specific taste to the tea. You can consider blending your CBD flower with peppermint CBD for stomach -aches, Chamomile CBD to reduce anxiety, and black or green tea to alleviate a headache.

CBD Kombucha


The main benefit of consuming Kombucha has been to ease digestion. The medicinal properties of Kombucha were discovered 2000 years ago. Coupling Kombucha with cannabis would reduce nausea, overall gut health, and any digestive issue. CBD-infused Kombucha is slowly gaining the limelight and are being served in breweries across countries. But you do not need to be near a Kombucha-serving bar, because this can easily be made at home. You can either get some Kombucha from the store to mix it with cannabis, or just make some from scratch.

CBD Seasoning

If you know your way around the kitchen well enough, then you’d be acquainted with the use of CBD as a seasoner. CBD, when garnished on a dish, lends a unique taste to the dish. All you need to do is dry a bunch of CBD flowers, crush them up and use it on dishes like you’d use oregano flakes on pizza.

CBD Capsules

There are always alternatives to ingesting some specific doses without spoiling the flavour of the food. CBD capsules can effortlessly be included in your vitamins’ box of supplements and be taken at your convenience.

CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs and bath salts are the best ways by which you can incorporate CBD in your body care routine. You can both find these products at your local Harvest dispensary, or even try your hand at making them at home.